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Denise H

Tobi, love what you have written here - my business is for-profit, but would love to "to fully inhabit my true and authentic self. To live exactly they way I was intended to, with joy." Where do I sign up for coaching? Denise


Denise: Thanks so much for the compliment! Believe it or not, this was a difficult post to write, so it's fantastic to get such affirming feedback! These trials and tribulations still carry their mark upon my soul. But, it was so cathartic, too, to wrestle with the demons and really take a look at where I'm successful and why. Try it for yourself -- rather than focusing on what you don't think you're doing well, take a look at your own bright spots and try to figure out why they work. You are certain to find your joy there. And, feel free to get in touch to continue the conversation. :-)

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