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Carol Kirshner

I also think that some organizations are missing the boat by not finding ways to engage those that work during the day. I know of several organizations in my area that serve the poor and at-risk, but only M-F, 9 am to 4 pm.

There are some social problems that are 24 hour problems - poverty, hunger, abuse, neglect, unemployment, childcare, animal welfare, healthcare, and etc. Why not get creative and engage working people too?


Carol: You make a great point. And, folks are available to volunteer at all hours of the day and night. Consider the swing shift worker, the 9-5'er, the freelancer, the unemployed, the retired snowbird, etc. They all operate their daily lives through radically different schedules. Why not find a way to mesh the natural availability of prospective volunteers with the times clients need their help?

So perhaps we could add one more item to our list -- Pivot from Org-centered to Mission-based -- which means that all programming decisions would be made based on the ultimate goals of the organization versus the convenience of staff or maintaining the status quo.

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