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Jayne Cravens

Here's an idea for Corporate Volunteer Programs: How about asking what nonprofits want from *them*? Maybe it's time to listen, instead of dictating the terms:


Wonderful post, Jane! Thanks for sharing the nonprofit perspective on our partnership needs. In order for collaborations to be truly effective we must listen and understand what BOTH sides want and need, so that we can determine right off the bat whether or not there is alignment. No alignment, no partnership. And as you allude...no respect, no partnership, either. Our two posts taken together offer great counterpoints to launch from.

My post was not intended to dictate what nonprofits must do, no one can do that, but to share my preliminary observations about what appears to motivate possible collaborators. Business and nonprofits live in two seemingly separate worlds, but some folks are finding ways to meet in the middle to great success. It all starts with the will to understand and a fair amount of good will and patience.

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