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Darlene Sampson, Pa SHIP Director

Hi Kierra and Liz,
I too would like to extend a welcome to you! For the past two years, the APPRISE program has benefited from having Tobi Johnson as a consultant. The SHIP knowledge and nonprofit experience she brings to the partnership has allowed our SHIP program to soar and gain national recognition. This is a very ambitious year for us in terms of the projects we are working on together. We are glad that both of you are on board to lend your expertise and support!

Thanks, Darlene. So Sweet!

Liz Tredennick

Hi Darlene. Thanks for the welcome. I'm so glad to be able to help out with this project. On-line modules and continual learning and being mentored step-by-step is the way to go with training. Working in Colorado I know that volunteers come forward at all times of the year and you need to get them started right away. If they have to wait a month or so for the next in-person training you might lose them to another project.

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