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Marrilee Chamberlain

I am new to the role of Volunteer Svcs Manager and wondering are there any professional organizations I should belong to?

Second question - being in the healthcare field, and learning more about compliance and the Stark law does anyone have tips on how they provide incentives/rewards for volunteers without being at risk (for Stark law infringement)?


Three organizations I recommend for volunteer coordinators, right off the bat -- Alive! (a national org of people who administer vol programs), your local DOVIA chapter (if you have one; if you don't, now's a good time to set one up in your community!), and your local Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP). All are great places to learn and network.

In terms of volunteer appreciation, think about intrinsic versus extrinsic rewards. Do vols need another mug or plaque? Probably not. But, they do need to have a say and to receive heartfelt, genuine, and specific thanks expressed about their contributions. See my post on the topic -- http://tobijohnson.typepad.com/tobisblog/2013/03/volunteer-reward-recognition-from-a-new-perspective.html

That should circumvent any rules around remuneration for services.

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